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Viktoria | Chronic Wanderlust (AT)

Viktoria | Chronic Wanderlust (AT)

At the end of the summer of 2022, Viktoria from Linz, who runs the popular Chronic Wanderlust blog, visited the region of Lower Silesia, which lies very close to Austria.

After only a few hours of travel, Viktoria found herself in the beautiful region of the Izera Mountains and Karkonosze Mountains, full of mystery.

Our guest stayed at the atmospheric Kwieci guesthouse run by Łukasz and Piotr, which she liked so much that she will be returning there.


"If there is one country that surprises me over and over again, it is Poland. And I mean it."

Viktoria spent the subsequent days visiting

beautiful Lower Silesian castles and palaces (Czocha Castle, Wojanów Palace), the uranium mine in Kletno, she had a short trip to the Karkonosze Mountains and the stunning Church of Peace in Świdnica.

At the end of her successful stay, Viktoria spent two days in the capital of Lower Silesia – Wrocław.