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Cieplice Thermal Baths

How to get back to life after a sporty day?

A moment to relax?

In Cieplice – a spa area of Jelenia Góra – you can have a solid warm-up after a day spent on a mountain trail, biking or cross-country skiing. The local thermal pools draw from underground waters, which sometimes reach temperatures of 90 degrees Celsius at their source! In the thermal baths themselves, the water is heated to between 28 and 36 degrees, and a nice extension of the moments spent in the steaming pool will be a visit to the spa complex or water slides on one of several slides.

Cieplice has been known as a spa since at least the 13th century, when the properties of the local waters were discovered. However, the place experienced a real boom – like other resorts of its kind – in the era of Thomas Mann and “The Magic Mountain,” when a beautiful Norwegian-style spa park and most of the historic buildings were built. Today, Cieplice thermal pools are almost 6,000 sq. m. of land filled with water attractions for all tastes and ages. The thermal complex is open daily from 8am to 10pm.

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Thermalbäder in Cieplice

Cieplice Thermal Baths