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Canoeing on the Bóbr River

Are you curious about what Lower Silesia looks like from the water level?

The beautifully meandering Bóbr River flows through the very center of this land, between the gentle slopes of the Izera Mountains, the Kaczawskie Mountains, under majestic medieval fortresses, historic railroad bridges and viewing terraces suspended on the rocks. Despite its mountainous nature, however, in the middle section the river does not pose any difficulties and allows canoeing for beginners as well.

The Polish name of the Bóbr River, the largest left tributary of the Oder River, is the same as a certain friendly hairy animal known for biting trees and building dams. And rightly so, as the population of beavers on the Bóbr River is growing every year. Canoe trips on the Bóbr River usually begin below the old dam in Pilchowice or Nielestno.

The 50-meter-thick concrete structure from the early 20th century was the largest dam in Europe at the time of its construction.

Situated above it, the lake is crossed by an unusual railroad bridge from 1906, which was supposed to be blown up for the movie Mission Impossible 7. However, after a long discussion at the highest political levels, fortunately these plans were abandoned.

Depending on the route we choose, during the canoeing trip we can admire, among other things, the ancient castle in Wleń, the Perła Zachodu restaurant majestically suspended on a rock, and above all – the insane nature, encroaching from all sides and overpowering the senses. Along the way you can spend the night in a tent, and from the final canoeing station you will be taken back to the beginning of the trip with your canoes. What more could you want?

The best time to go canoeing is in spring, when the water level in the river is highest.

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Staudamm in Pilchowice

Canoeing on the Bóbr River