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Orthodox church in Kwiatoń

Orthodox church in Kwiatoń and the Wooden Architecture Route

Wooden doors creak open, tilting behind them a sparsely lit interior full of mysterious paintings and praying people. In the western part of Małopolska these will usually be Catholics, but in the Low Beskids you will also come across Greek Catholic or Orthodox services – and enchanting singing in the Church Slavonic language carried along the centuries-old walls of the temple.

Wooden architecture is a treasure and one of the symbols of the Małopolska region. 250 old historic churches, orthodox churches, manor houses and villas are on the Małopolska Wooden Architecture Route, being developed with vigor and commitment by the provincial authorities. Several masterpieces of carpentry art from Małopolska have made it to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Among them is St. Paraskeva Orthodox Church in Kwiatoń located not far from our guest house.

The candy-colored Orthodox church consists of three towers topped with onion domes, legibly and harmoniously joined together into a single block. The entire structure was made in wood, with virtually no nails. The interior is filled with stirring polychromy from the early 20th century and a gilded iconostasis, which features scenes from the Gospel and numerous images of Eastern saints. You do not have to be a believer to feel that you have found yourself in a place filled with extraordinary energy.

Almost every valley in the Low Beskids hides a historic wooden Orthodox church, or an Orthodox church site. In addition to the site in Kwiatoń, we can recommend the Orthodox churches in Skwirtne, Owczary, Brunary or the church in Binarowa, located a little further away, where concerts of the Kromer Festival of early music are held in the summer. Visiting the Orthodox churches and churches of Low Beskids can be perfectly combined with a bicycle tour. The hills are not high, the roads – good, and there is practically no car traffic.

Jan Hyra, a passionate local guide, organizes guided visits to the church in Kwiatoń. You can find the relevant contact below.

Małopolska Wooden Architecture Route

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Wanderweg der Holzarchitektur


Orthodox church in Kwiatoń