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Izera Mountains and Karkonosze

Izera Mountains and Karkonosze


The Izera Mountains are one of the least populated corners of Europe.

The relaxing, densely forested mountain range with spruce on the border with the Czech Republic is astonishing in its nature and clearly distinguishes itself from the higher and more frequently visited Karkonosze, which, if you choose a good day for a trip, can also enthrall with its rugged landscapes. The exposure of the Mountains to cool winds from the north has resulted in a unique microclimate – average temperatures on the peaks are several degrees lower than in mountains of similar height, and the landscapes resemble Alaska more than other places in our part of the continent.


The Polish and Czech parts of the Izera Mountains are included in the cross-border Dark-Sky Preserve. On clear nights, more than 2,000 stars will shine above your heads. You will be able to see the Milky Way and individual planets – without taking a telescope with you!

The surrounding area offers countless opportunities for active recreation. You can ride dozens of kilometers of bike trails, including the famous single-track paths. In winter, the cold plateau of the Izera Mountains becomes a paradise for cross-country skiers. The resort on the Polana Jakuszycka maintains nearly 100 km of trails, the average snow cover in the season is 1.5 meters, and a solid snowfall in May is not unusual. Those thirsty for downhill skiing can try the resorts on Szrenica or in Świeradów-Zdrój. The ski trails do not compare in length with those of the Alps, but the slope exposures are decent and a day trip is well worth considering.

Izera Mountains and Karkonosze - what to do here?

Human and water

In the spring, on the other hand, you can try your hand at canoeing– dozens of kilometers of the strongly meandering Bóbr River between the hills are ideal for a relaxing rafting trip surrounded by nature.

When you add to this the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate at the thermal pools in Cieplice, it makes a holiday in these parts of Poland a real feast for the body.

Łukasz and Piotr recommendations

When Łukasz and Piotr started looking for a house for a boutique guesthouse, like most Poles – and almost the whole world – they had no idea of the existence of the Izera Mountains.

The building of the old Protestant school from 1913 in Kwieciszowice bought their hearts with its history, many original elements, a hectare of garden overlooking the Kaczawskie Mountains, sometimes called the “Land of Extinct Volcanoes” and thousands of stars sparkling in the sky at night. “When we first came here five years ago, we could not believe that such places still existed,” they recount.


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Izera Mountains and Karkonosze - our list

How to get there?

  • From Vienna – by car in about 5.5 hours or by train to Wrocław (7 hours) and on to Szklarska Poręba (2.5 hours)
  • From Zurich – by plane to Wrocław (1.5 hours) and by rental car or train (2.5 hours)

Note: if you travel by public transportation and indicate this when booking your accommodation, many hosts can pick you up from the final station. It is always worth asking!

Where to stay?

Kwieci – a boutique guesthouse with a soul at the foot of the Izera Mountains. The owners, Łukasz and Piotr, are the heroes of our story about the Sudetes

Pokój i Spokój – a rustic guesthouse in an old stone house. The climate of the French province in the middle of Lower Silesia

Dolina Harmonii – a secluded, forest eco-style guesthouse near the medieval settlement in Kopaniec – the site of the “Perski Izerski” fair described on our website

Czerwony Dworek – a historic late Baroque stone house at the foot of the Karkonosze run with great passion by Maciej

Stacja Turystyczna „Orle“ – rooms of mountain shelter standard on the premises of a former glass factory in the middle of the Izera Mountains. Some of the most beautiful ski and bike trails in the region intersect here – you can get there and stay put for your entire stay! Website in Polish