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Czocha Castle

This place is an unmissable suggestion for fans of Scottish castles, Harry Potter, the Witcher saga, but also everyone who is captivated by something in the crazy fantasy of Ludwig of Bavaria and his famous Neuschwanstein Castle. A century ago, thanks to the whim of a certain wealthy cigarette manufacturer, the old medieval castle in the foothills of the Sudetes was transformed into a dark neo-Gothic structure that never leaves the pages of National Geographic, seducing successive directors and series writers.

It is worth spending one afternoon to see for yourself what secret powers are hidden in Czocha Castle.

Scenically located on an artificial lake, the castle would have been just one of many medieval strongholds in southern Poland had it not been for Ernst Gütschow. The resourceful entrepreneur from Dresden bought Czocha Castle in 1909 and over the next 10 years put 4 million marks into rebuilding it.

Disregarding the original construction from the 13th century, the designers created a gloomy stone boogeyman straight out of the legends of Dracula, which cannot be deprived of its charm.

Gütschow pursued his many passions in the castle – he set up a zoo in the former moat, and thanks to his contacts with Russians who fled the country after the October Revolution, he amassed a sizable collection of memorabilia from the East, with the coronation insignia of the Romanov dynasty and sixty busts of the tsars to top it all!


Few of these objects survived the post-war turmoil, but the castle still stands today and continues to impress with its beauty which is somewhat lined with horror. Some of the rooms have been converted into hotel rooms, and the courtyard regularly hosts festivals and reenactment events. The castle was the protagonist of the first film adaptation of the Witcher book series, made world famous by the computer game and Netflix series. While in the area, be sure to find a moment to visit it!

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Schloss Czocha

Czocha Castle