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Fortresses – Kłodzko and Srebrna Góra

The two Prussian-era fortresses in Kłodzko and Srebrna Góra are part of a line of fortifications that were built in Lower Silesia occupied by the armies of Frederick the Great in the 18th century. 

This is a real treat for lovers of engineering, technology and military architecture, but not only! In addition to a journey into history, both sites offer unparalleled panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Kłodzko Fortress

Kłodzko, the region’s capital, is worth a trip not only to stroll through the charming old town and see the 13th-century gothic bridge linking the banks of the Nysa River. The city has played an important defensive role over the centuries, the best expression of which is the fortress that dominates it and has been expanded over the centuries.

Kłodzko Fortress, remembering the Silesian wars and the Napoleonic campaign, is a priceless record of history and an extraordinary monument of fortification engineering thought, and its location is still a phenomenon today.

What is most unique, however, is not so much the fortifications themselves, but the complex system of countermine corridors, known as the underground labyrinth. The original system, created by the Austrians, was expanded by the Prussians to a multi-kilometer network of underground walkways surrounding the Fortress from the north, the most accessible side to the enemy. They provided effective defense against enemy undermining by detonating mines, the construction of which was the responsibility of a special squad of soldiers called miners.

Visiting a section of this labyrinth gives the visitors a sense of what the defenders felt as they prepared for the siege….

The undergrounds of Kłodzko Fortress are made available as part of a special tourist route.

Klodzko Fortress website

Srebrna Góra Fortress

The impressive structure that towers high above the village of Srebrna Góra (Silver Mountain) is the largest mountain fortress in Europe. At the time of its construction, it was among the most modern fortifications of its kind in the world. The place was never conquered – even Napoleon had to give up storming it!

The fortress was established in the second half of the 18th century by order of King Frederick II as a safeguard for Silesia, which had been conquered by Prussia. The tour leads through the bombproof interiors of the building of the last defense – the Donjon. The facility could accommodate nearly 4,000 soldiers in 151 rooms.

In the following rooms we can learn the secrets of how to defend the fortress, the use of artillery and black-powder weapons. In a recreated soldier’s chamber, kitchen and at a spectacular 60-foot well, we can experience the hardships of daily life in the fortress. However, after taking the underground route, we stand in the deepest dry moat – almost 10 stories high.

We will learn all this history with a guide dressed in the historic uniform of a soldier of the Fortress garrison. The tour culminates with the firing of a rocket gun or cannon.

The fortification can be visited daily, year-round. The fortress is easily visited with small children. There is also nothing stopping you from bringing your dog along!

And if you’re in the mood for extra excitement, it’s worth taking a night tour of the fortress. It is held regularly, usually every Saturday.

Silver Mountain Fortress website





Startpunkt - Festung Kłodzko

Fortresses – Kłodzko and Srebrna Góra