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Kayaking on the Biebrza River

A great way to explore the bird kingdom on the Biebrza River is by canoe.

The river is calm and shallow, rolling lazily between forests, swamps and rushes. Its traversing is pure pleasure, but also an opportunity for close encounters with wildlife – in a kayak you can be silent and almost invisible. Finally, Biebrza is a much less popular river than the more northerly located Czarna Hańcza. On long stretches even in the middle of the season you will not meet a single human being. Nothing but to set off!

Depending on the time at your disposal, you can choose between a short, one-day kayaking trip, a weekend variant or a week-long adventure on the river. In any case, you will be transported back from the agreed place to the beginning.

In spring there is a bit more water in the river, and you will also see more birds, which have their breeding season during this period. Summer, on the other hand, is endless idyll among crickets playing in the bushes and long sunsets in wild campgrounds.


On the web you will find many offers for kayaking on the Biebrza River, including in English. Examples of one-day kayaking sections are:

Wroceń – Goniądz (12 km)

Goniądz – Osowiec Fortress (20 km)

Osowiec Fortress – Biały Grąd (14 km)

Biały Grąd – Brzostowo (23 km)




Der Fluss Biebrza

Kayaking on the Biebrza River