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On horseback through the Augustów Forest

You will not believe that in the middle of Europe you can find horse trails where you will not leave the forest for a whole day on the road, and along the way you will rest in special grazing places with water drinkers and places for a bonfire, where you will take shelter from the rain. This is not the Wild West – this is eastern Poland!

In the vast forest complex of the Augustów Forest in the northern part of Podlasie, a network of horse trails traversing the most interesting and desolate parts of the forest has been marked out thanks to the efforts of local foresters. The extension of the trail leads to the neighboring region of Masuria, resulting in an impressive route of about 400 kilometers! The trail is clearly marked with distinctive green flags and is excellent for both a day trip and longer ventures.

There are quite a few stud farms in the vicinity of the town of Augustów and Lake Wigry, where you can make arrangements to ride in the countryside and explore the beautiful forests of this corner of Poland on horseback.

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Pferdefarm im Gatne Drugie

On horseback through the Augustów Forest