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Biebrza National Park

Bird safari. At a time when a warming climate is taking more natural marshes off the European landscape, the great flood-waters along the Biebrza River in Podlasie are a natural rarity and a mecca for nature lovers.

In the desolate meadows and marshes you will meet almost 300 species of birds, including the endangered aquatic warbler, to which ornithologists from all over the world make pilgrimages.

The unusual ruffed bat whose each individual has a unique plumage, and numerous elk. The population of these friendly, horned mammals at Biebrza is growing steadily – so much so that one of the local trails is called the “Łosiostrada” (elk highway)!

Biebrza National Park is the largest and longest nature reserve in Poland.

Practically every part of it abounds in attractions for those who value most in traveling peace, quiet and contact with nature. The most beautiful time to explore the nature of the Biebrza National Park is spring. Birds return to the marshes then for the breeding and mating season, and the meadows explode with greenery after the winter stagnation. Summers on the Biebrza River mean long sunsets, miles of river traveled in a canoe and evening camping on the river.

The land of the Biebrza River can be explored on foot, by bicycle or by canoe.

It is also an excellent place to learn horseback riding and experience nature from the perspective of the back of a horse. Here you will find sample bicycle routes combined with walks in the most desolate corners of the park. Follow this link to learn more about canoeing on the river. On the other hand, it is best to ask the hosts where you will stay about the best studs in the area.

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