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Flea market in Jelenia Góra – Cieplice

You can furnish a whole house here, and there is not a word of exaggeration in this sentence.

Our hosts from the Izera Mountains visit here regularly and send their guests here, and many of the appliances in the guest houses we recommend come from here. The flea market in Jelenia Góra – Cieplice is a regional peculiarity and a place to which collectors of antiques are drawn, not only from Poland.


If you love old trinkets and are in the Sudetes, be sure to reserve a Sunday morning for a visit to Cieplice – a district of Jelenia Góra known for its thermal baths.

On the outskirts of the buildings, by the stadium, there is a market, where you can find antique furniture, ceramics, paintings, beautiful old glassware, toys and whatever your heart desires. Do not forget to pick out a supply of cash from the ATM! Most vendors do not have sales terminals.

For tips on the flea market in Jelenia Góra, it is best to ask the hosts of the houses you are staying at in the Sudetes. You will learn from them what are the best times to go to the market, what prices to expect, you may also get tips on which vendors are especially worth keeping an eye on. Ask and you shall be told!

It is best to go to the market on a Sunday morning.


Jelenia Góra - Cieplice

Flea market in Jelenia Góra – Cieplice