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Elena I Creativelena (AT)

Elena I Creativelena (AT)

Elena lives in Vienna and runs the travel blog Creativelena

We did not have to persuade her for a long time to visit the Sudetes and Lower Silesia region. She went on the trip in the early autumn of 2022 in her car.

Elena, like Viktoria before her, stayed at the Kwieci guesthouse recommended by us.

She arrived in Poland with her young son and dad. The gentle plateau of the Izera Mountains proved to be the perfect place for a long walk with a stroller. Together with local guide Gracjan, Elena also visited selected sites in the Valley of Palaces and Gardens near Jelenia Góra.

"Although my dad, my little son and I were only in Wrocław for two days and one night, Poland's fourth largest city in the south of the country managed to take our hearts by storm!"
"Hats off to so much heart and dedication, dear Łukasz, dear Piotr: you have created a real place of well-being with Kwieci Guest House in a region of Poland that is worth every visit!"

And importantly - the drive from Austria to Lower Silesia takes only 5 hours!

For the finale of her pleasant stay, Elena saw the UNESCO-listed Church of Peace in Świdnica and spent a long afternoon in the region’s capital city of Wrocław, walking along the numerous bridges over the Oder River.

It was a short but fun-filled outing with her family.