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Trekking – The Izera Mountains

Ready for a mountain trek in the Izera Mountains? We suggest a trip thanks to which you will get to know better these unobvious, rugged mountains with a unique character.

To Hala Izerska from Świeradów-Zdrój

Walking time (without stops): 6-7 hours, elevation gain: 774 m

We start the route in Świeradów-Zdrój (before WWII: Bad Flinsberg) – a nice little town with old spa buildings. Dom Zdrojowy, with its beautiful Walking Hall of original larch construction glazed with stained glass, is especially worth a visit. Inside, you will feel like the Berlin patients who once thronged this Lower Silesian town. After a glass of water rich in sorrel and iron, it is time to move up – along the blue trail towards Hala Izerska.

After about 2.5 hours we arrive at a large meadow with views of the Karkonosze and the surrounding peaks of the Izera Mountains. The landscapes of Hala Izerska resemble the polar tundra more than central Europe. Before the war, there was an isolated village called Gross-Iser on the hall, which, under unclear circumstances, was never re-settled. Most likely, the proximity of the border contributed to this – for many years the meadow was a military area. The only remnant of the village is the old school. A cozy mountain refuge called Chatka Górzystów is located there today, where you can eat and drink tea.

The red trail further crosses the meadow in the direction of Polana Jakuszycka. After about an hour of walking, we would reach the Orle Tourist Station, located in old buildings after the glassworks. You can eat there inexpensively, stay overnight, or go further towards the nearby Czech Republic (the atmospheric village of Jizerka located under the extinct volcano Bukovec).


From Chatka Górzystów we head along the yellow trail toward Stog Izerski (1108 m). The exposed summit offers views in all directions, and a shelter operates just below the top. Return to Świeradow-Zdrój following the red trail or by the cable car.

Pre-war photos of Bad Flinsberg




Iseralm (poln. Hala Izerska)

Trekking – The Izera Mountains