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Jasmin | Kosmopoetin (AT)

Jasmin | Kosmopoetin (AT)

Jasmin from Vienna, who runs the Kosmopoetin blog, took advantage of the charms of the babie lato in Poland in 2022.

There is a short time in September that we call in Poland “babie lato.” The cobwebs in the meadows sparkle with reflections of light then, and the weather is perfect for hiking.

At our invitation, she arrived by train in Kraków, where, like Gudrun a while earlier, she stayed at the atmospheric Klezmerhojs Hotel in the Jewish quarter of Kazimierz.

After unhurriedly exploring the side streets of old Kraków, Jasmin took a train ride to the not-so-high mountains of the Low Beskids.

It was a little colder than usual at this time of year on the spot, but that did not stop Jasmin from catching her breath while walking through the region’s beautiful, desolate meadows and valleys.

"In Kazimierz everything is possible - and the history of the Jewish past celebrates a peaceful coexistence with the creative and alternative scene of the city. Kazimierz may not be untouched and undiscovered like "Swystowy Sad," but the rhythm resembles that of Grażyna and Michał and the boundless freedom in the Low Beskids: Everything can, nothing must..."

It was a superb end to the summer!

The reliable Grażyna, who runs the guesthouse Swystowy Sad, where Jasmin stayed, spoiled our guest with delicacies of local cuisine.