Wir arbeiten aktiv mit Influencern aus Österreich und der Schweiz zusammen. Was haben unsere Gäste in Polen besucht und welche Eindrücke haben sie von ihren Reisen mitgenommen?

OFF Festival in Katowice

OFF Festival in Katowice.

In the first decade of the 21st century, Artur Rojek, leader of the rock band Myslovitz, which brought the fashion for Brit-pop and Oasis vibes to Poland, founded a music festival oriented toward alternative rock from around the world. That is how OFF Festival was born – today one of the most important music events in Central Europe and a must-see of the festival summer in Poland.

Every year, the OFF Festival line-up is the result of an intensive search by the organizers, striving to find a balance between classics from the likes of Iggy Pop and The National and an appreciation of new voices in alternative music in the broadest sense. The event takes place on several stages in the green setting of Katowice’s Valley of Three Ponds, near the city center and just off popular thoroughfares.

The festival has built around itself a dedicated and close-knit audience, which draws to the capital of Upper Silesia every year not only for musical but also for social reasons. It is possible to stay overnight on site at a campground, but it is just as well to use the accommodation facilities of Katowice.

The OFF Festival was one of Katowice’s main arguments in its successful bid for the title of UNESCO City of Music. The event is held every year in early August.

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OFF-Festival in Katowice

OFF Festival in Katowice