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Stone circles in Węsiory

Here you will feel the magic of the past.

The 20 stone circles and moss-covered barrows scattered through the forest are most likely a reminder of the Goths culture, once inhabiting northern Poland. Once the mysterious circles served as a burial site, perhaps also a meeting place for elders, today they attract tourist seekers – and New Age movements looking for hidden energy in the post-glacial boulders.

Regardless of individual beliefs about supernatural knowledge, the stone circles in Węsiory are worth a trip because of their location alone. Surrounded by a majestic pine forest and secluded Lake Długie, the mystery of the stone circles continually sparks the imagination of hikers. Local Kashubian legends say that the constructions are the work of stolems – mythical, troll-like giants characterized by cruelty and malice. Science leans more towards the Goths, who came to the lands of Kashubia from Scandinavia in the first century AD. The site served mainly as a burial ground, the latest findings say that the stone circles were simply a form of burials.


However, human fantasy trods its own paths.

While exploring the circles, you may come across “healers” with metal headbands on the trail of energy fields, and on selected days of the year, proponents of unconventional medicine flock to the site. The Stone Circles in Węsiory are also an important place for native believers – adherents and enthusiasts of pre-Christian Slavic beliefs.

You will find the stone circles about 2 kilometers south of the center of the village of Węsiory. Clear signs lead to them. There is a parking lot next to the forest. During the season, admission to the circles is paid – a small fee can be paid at the ticket office near the parking lot.




Steinkreise in Węsiory (poln. Kamienne Kręgi - Węsiory)

Stone circles in Węsiory