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By kayak – Raduńskie Lakes Circle

Seven lakes in the central part of “Kashubian Switzerland” connected by the Radunia River and its tributaries form a phenomenal, necklace-like circle that you will fall in love with regardless of whether you are an experience kayaker or not. The route crosses the most beautiful part of Kashubia from Stężyca to Lake Lubowisko. It has a total length of 40 kilometers, and it takes two days to cover it in a kayak.

Between the lakes there are places where you have to carry the kayak over a bridge or lock, but the route can always be shortened and limited to one or more lakes, or you can take a tent in the kayak and spend the night along the way in a forest setting.

Whichever variant you choose, rafting the Raduńskie Circle will stay in your memory for a long time!

The route around the Raduńskie Lakes begins in the village of Stężyca, where there is a marina and rental service. The route crosses lakes of post-glacial origin with elongated, trough-like shapes.

The water is usually calm, although there are some windier days.

In summer, the water temperature in Kashubian lakes stays at a pleasant level above 20 degrees Celsius and is definitely higher than in the sea, so stops for a swim are highly recommended! Probably the greatest pleasure during kayaking is to find a secluded bay surrounded by forest with a pier or natural beach and bathe in the lake in complete solitude. Impossible? Come to Kashubia to find out!

The total price of the rafting trip includes return transportation from the place you arrive. This may be the village of Ostrzyce in the middle of the route or Lubowisko Lake at the very end. It is best to ask your hosts or the rental company for details.

Route description with map



By kayak – Raduńskie Lakes Circle