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Swiss from Suwałki

A tale of living in nature and a passion for cheese.

Thomas and Claudia are a married couple from Zurich who left a stable life in Switzerland to establish an experimental community in the northeastern corner of Poland. In love with the local hills and lakes, they have set up the almost self-sufficient Realearth Farm, where they create their own cheeses. They are so good that lines of eager visitors sign up for them in season! You can also stay there and spend a few days in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Thomas and Claudia have long felt that the world was heading in the wrong direction. Driven by the gloomy prophecies of the Hopi Indians, but also by their own desire to return to nature, they moved into a tipi tent near Zurich in the early 1990s. Their unconventional lifestyle brought them trouble with the Swiss administration, forcing them to leave the country. Following advice heard at one of the meetings of people interested in living in a community, they heard about northeastern Poland. They came, fell in love – and decided to stay here.


Cheeses from Thomas and Claudia’s farm are divided into fresh, easy-to-spread goat and cow delicacies, made mainly in summer, and hard or semi-hard cheeses that require longer seasoning and are sold year-round. The animals are milked by hand, twice each day. The farm is located in the village of Bachanowo, at the southern end of the beautiful Lake Hańcza – the deepest in Poland. While in the village, just ask for the local Swiss. You are sure to run into them!

Realearth Lifemovement farm website


Bauernhof Realearth (Gospodarstwo Realearth)

Swiss from Suwałki