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Ojcowski Trout

In the middle of the Ojców National Park, at the mouth of the Sąspowska Valley, under the steep rock of Bystra, there are old breeding ponds. A few years ago they were brought back to life by a mother and daughter who restored the local trout farm. Today you can eat delicious smoked fish straight from the oven. 

Magda and Agnieszka’s story has long gone beyond Ojców, and trout from their farm have become a local delicacy, awarded at various culinary fairs.

Ojcowski Trout – history 

The tradition of brook trout farming in Ojców dates back to the 1930s. The trout farm was established in the 1930s on the land of Princess Ludwika Czartoryska and was one of the first of its kind in the region.

In 2014, the unused, to be naturalized ponds were taken on lease by Magda Węgiel together with her daughter Agnieszka Sendor. Hard work and full commitment not only successfully restored the splendor of brook trout farming, but also created a wonderful place for recreation and culinary experiences.

For several years the ponds in Ojców have been a part of the European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage.

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Ojcowski Trout