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Lublin’s vineyards

The global fashion for wine, combined with a warming climate, has led to some places in Poland developing as wine regions. Excellent conditions for growing wine grape vines are found in the Lubelskie Region, where a large number of sunny days coincide with excellent, fertile soils. 

Particularly many vineyards have recently sprouted in the area of Kazimierz Dolny. The hilly countryside and proximity to historic towns make the area a dream destination for the development of enotourism. Well, because who said that a wine passion can only develop where it has developed for ages?

We present three selected vineyards from the vicinity of Lublin and Kazimierz Dolny.



Solaris Vineyard

The Solaris Vineyard owned by Mr. and Mrs. Mickiewicz features more than 700 vines of different varieties, which grow on a plantation of more than 15 acres in Opole Lubelskie. The inspiration for setting up the vineyard came from a trip to… Austria, where the creator of the place, Maciej Mickiewicz, became enthralled with the vineyards there. – It turned out that doing it in Poland is possible, and although viticulture requires a lot of work and is very time-consuming, it brings a lot of satisfaction. It is a hobby that my wife and children share – he says.

The vineyard produces white and red wines – several hundred liters per year. Wine can be purchased locally or at regional fairs. Mickiewicz wines have already won several awards at competitions!

Kalisja Home Vineyard in Stare Kaliszany

From the fascination with wine grew the Calisia Home Vineyard in Stare Kaliszany. Its owner, Ryszard Rejowski became more interested in wine in rather boring circumstances, after visiting one of Lublin’s restaurants. Visiting family in Italy and tasting local wines from a home cellar run by an elderly Italian inspired Ryszard to embark on his own wine adventure.

Ryszard’s vineyard covers an area of 5 acres with 300 vines of different grape varieties. The fruits of his labor can be tasted, among others, at the Janowiec Wine Festival.

Rzeczyca Vineyard

Next on the map is Rzeczyca Vineyard, which is run by Mr. and Mrs. Adamczyk in the village of the same name, near Kazimierz Dolny. – We founded this vineyard in 2007, and we have bigger plans for it – explains Rafał Adamczyk. – The vineyard already organizes tastings and is active in the local market.





Startpunkt - Kazimierz Dolny

Lublin’s vineyards