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Polesie is a land of forests, swamps and old oaks in the eastern part of the Lubelskie Region. A national park of about 10,000 hectares has been established here, protecting wetlands, natural marsh ecosystems, peat bogs, karst lakes and natural forest complexes that are disappearing in modern Europe.



The symbol of the Polesie National Park is the crane. A special attraction are the pond turtles, the most endangered (next to esculapian snakes) species of reptiles found in our country. Among mammals, the most numerous groups are rodents and beavers, which were settled in the floodplains in 1992. Permanent floodplains are home to countless flocks of waterfowl, including many rare and endangered species.

In Polesie National Park you will find well-prepared sightseeing routes and nature trails. You can walk to the centuries-old Dominik oak tree with a four-meter circumference of its trunk, stroll along the ornithological path “Perehod” around the Pieszowolskie Ponds, or climb the numerous observation towers with binoculars. Sometimes you will not see a living soul on the trail for a whole day!

The center of the national park is the village of Urszulin, from where you can go in different directions, such as Ługie Lake or Wytyckie Lake. It is only an hour’s drive from Lublin. You can stay overnight at local campgrounds or in one of the local agritourism farms.

There is little tourist traffic during all months of the year; during the season from April to October, admission to the nature trails is charged.

In Polesie you can see for yourself what the world before climate change looked like.  We can expect that each successive generation will appreciate this priceless piece of wilderness more and more.





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