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Masuria – canoeing trips

Masuria explored from kayaks is not only pure idyll and an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful nature, but also an exciting adventure. Of the region’s many remarkable rivers, we recommend two to your attention – the most famous, known as the “Mazurian Amazon,” the Krutynia, and the wild Łaźna Struga, located far from tourist trails.

Canoeing in Masuria – Krutynia River

The Krutynia River begins its course in the eastern part of the region and ends in a group of the largest lakes in the center of Masuria. The route passes through a dozen lakes connected by short rivers, which are collectively known as the Krutynia.

What is unique about the Krutynia is its clear water, the voices of nature, stunning views and the lack of buildings along most of the route. On a longer stretch you will be able to come face to face with a gray heron, and if you have a keen eye, you will also spot a bald eagle or a black stork.

More than half of the trail runs in the Masurian Landscape Park, and the marked route passes in the vicinity of 10 nature reserves. It means that here you are looking at nature and nature is looking at you.

The entire trail consists of nearly 102 kilometers of marked routes, winding through picturesque areas, starting in the village of Sorkwity and ending in Ruciane-Nida at the popular Lake Nidzkie. There are 10 water stations along the trail, where you can rest, eat and enjoy overnight accommodations.

Canoeing in Masuria – Łaźna Struga

The Łaźna Struga is a little-known river in a little-known part of Masuria near the city of Ełk. It is a suggestion for tourists looking primarily for tranquility and remoteness from places overflowing with people.

The section of the river accessible to canoeists begins in the Borecka Forest, a few dozen kilometers north of Ełk. In the lower section, the river crosses regional boundaries and flows into the Biebrza, known for its great floodplains.

Meandering river flowing in an ever-changing landscape constantly surprises. Surrounding meadows with lush vegetation, several-meter-high escarpments descending to the very water surface, walls of reeds, tunnels made of trees, numerous river bays full of water lilies and swans – all this determines that rafting on the Łaźna Struga leaves unforgettable impressions.

Despite its sparse infrastructure, the river is ideal for relaxed, undemanding rafting. It takes about 3 hours to cover about 10 km.

Kayaks in Masuria – how to rent?

You will find the largest number of kayak rentals on the Krutynia River in Krutyń. Wanting to rent kayaks on the Łaźna Struga River, head to the village of Połom.

The price of renting a two-person kayak is in the range of 100 PLN per day. You can pack your personal belongings in waterproof bags. The price includes return transportation to the starting point.


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Startpunkt - Krutyń

Masuria – canoeing trips