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Mountain pastures

Mountain pastures in the Bieszczady Mountains are a symbol of these beautiful mountains. Vast green meadows stretch for miles along the highest elevations of the range.

Most of these mountain meadows of unique scenic value are located in the Eastern Carpathians, located mostly in Ukraine and Romania. They are higher in elevation and more extensive than those found in Poland, but the pastures of Bieszczady Mountains also have a unique charm.

Mountain pastures – origin 

Mountain pasture is nothing more than a high-mountain meadow where huge herds of sheep belonging to the indigenous people of the Bieszczady Mountains, the Boyko’s, once grazed.

The Boykos are an ethnic group originating from the territory of present-day Romania, professing Eastern Rite Christianity and speaking a language similar to today’s Ukrainian. Beginning in the 17th century, the Boykovs moved along the Carpathian Mountains in search of new places to establish their settlements.

Since their main occupation was grazing cattle on mountain meadows, the terrain of these mountains was just perfect for them. The peaks were cleared for grazing, which continued uninterrupted until 1947 and the infamous decision of the communist authorities. As a result of forced evictions, the Boyko people disappeared from the Bieszczady Mountains, and the main reminder of their life in these areas today are the mountain pastures.

Mountain pastures in the Bieszczady Mountains

Two of the most famous Bieszczady Mountains pastures are Połonina Caryńska and Połonina Wetlińska. At the top of the latter is a small mountain shelter, commonly called “Pooh’s Hut.” Mountain pastures are also located in the massif of the highest mountain of the range – Tarnica, where they stretch through large meadows in several directions.

The ridges of almost all the Bieszczady Mountains pastures are lined with well-marked hiking trails, including the Main Carpathian Trail connecting all of them (red in color).

The meadows look most beautiful in spring, when the grasses bloom luxuriantly, and in autumn, when they cover themselves in colors of red and purple.




Startpunkt - Połonina Wetlińska

Mountain pastures