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Stołowe Mountains

There are mountains in Poland so fine that we feel like dwarves strolling under mushroom hats.

The phenomenon of these mountains is to be found in their unusual relief. Their rocks, seen from below, resemble a table (Polish stół) – hence the Polish name “Stołowe Mountains.” This unique plate-type relief is a result of the geological past. More than 90 million years ago, a shallow sea hummed here, into which rivers carried numerous sediments. The resulting sandstones were later thrown upward by tectonic plate movements.

The resulting mountains were as flat as a table, descending several tens of meters down precipices. Water and wind have formed fanciful rocks in them bearing such names as “Wielbłąd” (Camel), “Kwoka”(Breeder Hen), “Małpolud” (Ape-Man), “Słoń” (Elephant), “Koński Łeb” (Horse’s Head), “Skalna czaszka” (Rock Skull) and “Tron Pradziada” (Great Grandfather Throne).

The range is located in Poland and the Czech Republic, where it is called the Broumovské steny. The most beautiful scenic part in Poland is protected by the Stołowe Mountains National Park.

Table Mountains – worth seeing:

Labyrinth of the Errant Rocks – dark crevices, narrow passageways and a rock labyrinth lead the way here, where many times you have to bend over, crouch down or just draw in air. Here we will walk several hundred unforgettable meters between 11-meter high rocks. There is a reason the plot of The Chronicles of Narnia was set here, after director Andrew Adamson was captivated by the views.

The One Hundred Turns Road – a scenic automobile road runs serpentines across the Table Mountains, rising from about 300 meters to 800 meters for a short stretch. On the nearly 23 kilometers of the road we will pass numerous rock towers, a quarry and a breathtaking view from the village of Karłów to the massif of the Szczeliniec Wielki mountain.

Pasterka village – a tiny, partially abandoned village wedged into the Czech territory. At its end you will find a forest, some paths and… a border. There is an atmospheric hostel with a distinctive “Heart left in Pasterka” monument and the Szczelinka guest house with a unique atmosphere.

Szczeliniec Wielki – the highest peak of the Stołowe Mountains. It forms a distinctive rocky slab elevated high above the surrounding villages. rock formations here rise dozens of meters overhead in some places. There is a cosy shelter at the summit.

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Stołowe Mountains