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Trekking – Stołowe Mountains

The picturesque Stołowe Mountains are a wonderful area for short and easy hiking trips. It is an absolute world in miniature – the amazing rock formations will spark your imagination, and the views from the steeply sloping peaks will give you the impression that you are in far higher mountains than you actually are.

You can also – with basic caution – easily enjoy the rock labyrinths and natural viewing terraces here with your children.

The trail to Szczeliniec Wielki

Length: 3.5 km / 2 hours

Elevation gain: 220 meters

665 it is how many stone steps await you on your way to the highest peak of the Stołowe Mountains. There is an atmospheric shelter, which you cannot reach in your car, and which is accessible only using a freight elevator.

A yellow trail leads to Szczeliniec Wielki from the village of Karłów or Pasterka. It is short, but very steep. From Karłów you have the aforementioned stairs to climb, and from Pasterka you have a steep climb between boulders and tree roots – and a beautiful panorama behind you.

Once you reach the shelter, the view will reward you for all your hardships. On Szczeliniec, the variety of rock formations and numerous viewing terraces, which offer panoramic views in all directions, are awe-inspiring. It is also here that a distinctive throne-shaped rock, several meters high, known as the Tron Pradziada (Great Grandfather Throne), is located. Right next door you will see rocks with names such as Małpolud (Ape Man), Kwoka (Breeder Hen), Słoń (Elephant), Kaczęta (Ducklings) and Wielbłąd (Camel). 

The path that runs at the foot of the mountain is also an unusual attraction. In the murky depths of Szczeliniec Wielki, snow sometimes lingers year-round. So, when hitting this trail, it is a good idea to take a heavier jacket with you.





Startpunkt - Dorf Karłów

Trekking – Stołowe Mountains