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Masuria by bike

Masuria is a really fabulous place for lovers of two wheels. Relatively flat terrain, plenty of forests and car-free side roads, beautiful avenues planted with trees that provide shade on hot days, the opportunity to swim in lakes passed along the way – what more could you want?

The northern, less touristic part of Masuria is crossed by the Green Velo bicycle trail. Brilliantly marked and described on the Internet, the trail connects 5 provinces of eastern Poland with an impressive 2000 km long bicycle thread!

We present two suggestions for short excursions during your stay in Masuria. You will find their detailed descriptions (along with a detailed trail) on the Green Velo project website, in the relevant links.

By bicycle in northern Masuria

Length: 30 kilometers

Length of a journey: 3 hours

A red-marked bicycle route, running through forests near the village of Srokowo. It is a little over 30 kilometers long and is recreational in nature. It begins in the forests north of Srokowo and runs almost to the border. The highlights of the route are the picturesque views, numerous lakes and old villages forgotten by time, where you will find the remains of old mansions and pre-war, brick, red-tiled farm buildings. But the greatest strength of the trail is the beautiful nature and wild character of these regions.

The trail is entirely passable for a bicycle with panniers / bicycle trailer. It runs only on roads excluded from vehicle traffic or on local roads with low and very low vehicle traffic. The tour is especially recommended for families with children.

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“Blue Ribbon Lakes”

Length: 80 kilometers

Length of a journey: 7 hours

“Blue Ribbon Lakes” is a proposal for a nearly 80-kilometer bicycle trip in the central part of the land of the Great Masurian Lakes, around lakes Dargin, Dobski and Kisajno. The trail is well-marked and is mainly routed along good dirt roads. It runs through many old Masurian villages and settlements, passing old cemeteries, historic palaces and churches. A great advantage of the trail are the beautiful views of the vast water depths of the Masurian lakes.

The trail is not too demanding and is also accessible to less advanced cyclists. Due to the length and number of attractions along the way, it is worth dividing the trip into two days. There will be no major problems with accommodation in this touristic land.

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Startpunkt - Srokowo

Masuria by bike