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Kayaking on the Tanew River

Tanew is one of the most beautiful rivers in southeastern Poland, and one of the favorite kayaking destinations in this part of the country.

The river has its beginning in the southern Roztocze, in the swamps between the villages of Stara Huta and Złomy Ruskie. In the upper course it forms a dozen or so charming waterfalls, and a little lower down it delights with its picturesque landscape and silence punctuated by the sounds of numerous insects and birds.

It once served many functions – water was used to soak hemp and flax to make linen, water mills ground flour for bread, and women did laundry in it.

In the middle section, the Tanew is ideal for a relaxing, kayaking trip. Very shallow water (up to 1 m deep) makes the Tanew River suitable for both beginners and families with children. The river meanders strongly, opening up many interesting perspectives, while flowing outside the built-up area, in a wild, partly forested area.

Kayaks on the Tanew – the best routes:

Huta Szumy – Rebizanty route
Passing the “Huta Szumy” bridge, the Tanew flows in a narrow, winding and shallow channel. One portage (old tree) is required along the route, at which there is a camping place with a canopy where you can rest. The route is very easy, worth recommending.

Osuchy – Stare Króle route
There are no obstacles that require carrying a kayak, few logs in the current and shallows. The river is very picturesque, charming with a lazy current. Along the way we pass several bridges. The route is very easy.

Stare Króle – Harasiuki route
In the trough of the island and shoals. Another wooden bridge. Meadows, pine forest. The river is wide and beautiful. Islands. Remains of wooden bridge. The route is very easy.

Kayaks on the Tanew – how to rent?

In the vicinity of Księżpol you will find numerous rental companies. They offer rentals of a two-person kayak in the range of 100 PLN per day, including return transportation to the launch site.

You can opt for a one-day rafting trip, but we strongly recommend two-day rafting trips and packing a tent in the kayak. Evenings and nights on a wild camping trip are an unforgettable experience. Rental companies offer special waterproof bags in which you can store all your essentials.




Startpunkt - Księżpol

Kayaking on the Tanew River