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To relax – Wysowa-Zdrój

You can stop by the small, quiet village of Wysowa-Zdrój after a day of biking or skiing.

There is an intimate spa with a complex of pools and spas, where you will regenerate after an exhausting day.

The center of the village is occupied by a vast spa park. In several places there are springs of healing waters with an iron-sulfur aftertaste. You can also taste the waters in a tiny wooden pump room, solicitously reconstructed from photos of the original structure, which was once consumed by fire. Higher up, a spa complex operates in the Biawena spa building constructed during the communist era. Everything is small and as if tailored to human needs, and there are no crowds here even in the middle of the season.

There are several traditional inns along the road, where you can try local Lemko specialties: kisełyci, so a thick oat sour soup with potatoes, hałuszki – small potato dumplings with sheep cheese, or delicious dumplings.

If you have time and the weather is fine, be sure to take a walk to Mount Jawor as well. This is a sacred place for the local Lemkos – under the peak you will find a small wooden shrine, erected on the spot where the Virgin Mary was said to have revealed herself to one of Wysowa’s residents. The walk to the top takes about an hour one way, the red trail leaves from under the Orthodox church in the center. A few hundred meters behind the sanctuary a beautiful view opens up of the village of Cigelka, already located on the Slovak side of the border.

Other spa towns in the region include Krynica-Zdrój or Bardejovské Kúpele located in Slovakia. Krynica is known for its ski slopes and the person of the painter-primitivist Nikifor, while the fame of Bardejovské Kúpele in the times of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy was so great that the Empress Sissi herself took a rest there. Each valley in the Low Beskids has something interesting to tell!

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To relax – Wysowa-Zdrój