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Cross-country skiing in the Beskids

A pinching frost outside the window and white powder in the fields are the best signs to put cross-country skis on your feet.

The low hills and desolate valleys of the Low Beskids are suited to the sport like few others. The trails are not strenuous, and the contact with nature is first-class. We invite you to take a trip to the area of Banica and Krzywe villages!

In the middle of the tiny village of Banica there is an intimate inn with a ski rental shop.

The trails are well-maintained and cover the entire area; in front of the rental shop you will find a map with marked trails. From there you can reach, for example, the historic Austrian cemetery on Magura Małastowska, or in the other direction the village of Wołowiec.

On ski: to Wołowiec and back

Route length: about 15 km

Walking time: 3-4 hours

Difficulty level: easy

From the Banica guesthouse follow the green trail towards the village of Wołowiec. The trail quickly leaves the fields and enters a forest called “Canada” by the locals, probably due to the unexpected accumulation of spruce trees in these parts. After about 4 kilometers, the trail reaches the village of Wołowiec, over which an 18th-century wooden Orthodox church towers. The village is home to an acclaimed Polish writer Andrzej Stasiuk. He and his wife Monika Sznajderman run the leading Polish publishing house Czarne, which specializes in reportage and Central European literature. One of the authors published by the publishing house is the Austrian historian and journalist, Martin Pollack.

Behind Wołowiec, the green trail turns to the right of the road and heads uphill. After a rather monotonous, but not steep climb, there is a pleasant descent towards the villages of Czarna and Jasionka. For about 2 km the trail has blue markings. Return to Banica via the green trail from Jasionka.




Cross-country skiing in the Beskids