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Cross-country skiing in Muczne

If winter in the mountains is for you, first of all, contact with nature, and you prefer unforgettable moments of solitude in the woods over the hustle and bustle of large ski resorts, the Bieszczady Mountains is the place for you. 

There are not many lifts here, but there are vast expanses of exclusive space, and cross-country skiing enthusiasts have some prime spots to choose from.

Muczne, a tiny village off the main Bieszczady Mountains trails known for its bison show enclosure, has a network of well-maintained trails in winter. 95% of the area is covered by forest – this is the most wooded area in Poland and one of the most in Europe!

There are several relatively short sections of several kilometers available to skiers, with a total of more than 17 kilometers of trails. A 6, 5-kilometer circle is in constant maintenance – it has its beginning at the building of the Forestry Promotion Center in Muczne, and leads along the valley floor through the forest, in the direction of Tarnawa Niżna. All routes have their beginning in the same place, which also marks the center of the village.

Every year, Muczne hosts a popular open competition for amateurs and cross-country skiers, the “Bieg Narciarski Tropem Żubra.”

Muczne – bison show enclosure

While in Muczne, be sure to drive up to the local bison show enclosure. The 7-hectare area is home to the mighty ungulates, almost extinct in Europe and reintroduced here in the 1960s. This is only a small part of the Bieszczady Mountains population of this cousin of the American bison, which will soon be the largest in Poland with about 700 individuals! An adult bison can weigh up to 800 kilograms.

The reserve is open 24 hours a day, visiting is free. All you have to do is pull up behind the sign before entering the village and walk up to the barrier.





Cross-country skiing in Muczne