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Masurian villages – Gałkowo

This tiny village in the heart of Masuria is worth visiting not only to see the beautifully preserved 19th-century houses left behind by mysterious settlers from the East. It is also a nationally known horseback riding center.

At first glance, Gałkowo presents itself as a dream come true for a vacation in the countryside. Stork nests on poles, wooden houses overgrown with ivy. Surrounded by acres of silence and forest.

Galkowo in Masuria was founded in the 1930s by Russian Old Believers. Old Believers are adherents of the Orthodox Church who rejected the reforms introduced in the Russian Orthodox Church in the 17th century. Persecuted in Russia, they first took refuge near the town of Suwałki on the northeastern edge of Poland, and then some of them ended up in Prussia. In Masuria, they established more than a dozen villages.

In addition to the original Old Believers’ houses in Gałkowo, your attention will be drawn to the beautifully restored spa-style mansion, moved here from another village.

There is a restaurant on the ground floor, and on the first floor the living room of Countess Marion Donhoff, a well-known German journalist who comes from this very area, has been arranged. In her book Names That No One Mentions Any More, she described the story of her dramatic horseback escape from the Soviet army in 1945, and over the following years she was very active in promoting Polish-German reconciliation.

In the surrounding houses, you will find a nice guesthouse, where you can rent a room at reasonable prices.

Ferenstein horse farm

Since we are already around horses, we cannot help but take a look at the local stud farm. Run by the Ferenstein family, the place has a cult status in the Polish equestrian community.

The farm offers horseback riding for the willing at all levels. It is possible to take classes with an instructor. However, there is no need to limit yourself to the paddock – even at the initial stage of your adventure with horses you will be able to experience riding in the field.

The farm hosts various prestigious competitions, including the Gałkowo Masters tournament.




Startpunkt - Dorf Galkowo

Masurian villages – Gałkowo