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Loess gorges

Loess gorges are a characteristic feature of the landscape in and around Kazimierz Dolny. Their long, deeply indented troughs were created by water, washing away the local soft rocks called loess after rain. Paths run along the bottom of the gorges, and the walls are formed by fascinating roots of old trees clinging to the slopes. 

The Lubelskie Region is home to Europe’s largest concentration of loess gorges. In them you will find silence, tranquility, air saturated with humidity even on the hottest days, and finally – truly fairytale-like views. In short, it is an excellent place for bicycle tours and unique walks.


The area of the town of Kazimierz Dolny is densely crisscrossed with loess gorges – hiking trails have been marked out through them, and educational boards have been set up. The walls here are up to a couple of dozen meters high. The passage is not difficult, just be aware of the possibility of encountering a fallen trunk or a tangle of roots. The type of ground causes sticky and heavy mud to form very quickly on the bottom during the rain – it is worth remembering this and wearing sturdy footwear.

The most popular Kazimierz gorge is certainly the Korzeniowy Dół. It owes its fame to its very twisted, thick roots and fantastic colors – the result of a combination of the colors of the rocks, local vegetation and specific light. Some believe that some scenes in screen adaptations of Tolkien’s novels should have been shot here. You can get from the town square to Korzeniowy Dół by walking practically all the way straight ahead.

Examples of the loess gorges in Kazimierz Dolny include Granicznik, Plebanka, Niezabitowskis Gorge, Norowy Dół, Małachowski Gorge, Czerniawy, Piądlowski Gorge, Chałajowy Dół, Okalski Gorge and many, many others.

The Kazimierz Dolny area has some of the highest average air temperatures in Poland and the longest growing season. Winemaking and rural tourism are developing here. The canyons, hidden in the woods, are best explored on warm days – they offer cooling and shelter from the sun.





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Loess gorges