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Kraków Valleys

Just a dozen or so kilometers from Kraków, within range of suburban buses, there are oases of peace and greenery. The Kraków Valleys are one of the favorite destinations for short trips from the city to nature. Several of them are of such natural value that they have also been established as nature reserves.

The most famous valley near Kraków is the Prądnik Valley, which is home to Ojców National Park. We write about it in more detail here. However, there are at least 10 other valleys of a similar nature in close proximity to Ojców. All of them were formed as a result of erosion of Jurassic rocks by water, gouging small canyons in the soft limestone.

These are wonderful places for a picnic, a night camping under a rock by the fire, a day spent learning how to climb  or an energizing mountain bike tour.

Meet the three Jurassic valleys that we individually consider the most beautiful!

Bolechowicka Valley

The tiny valley begins with a sweeping rock gate that is favored by climbers. At its foot is a meadow and camping spots. Further down, the valley narrows and enters a dense forest. After a few hundred meters we can reach a small, two-story waterfall.

Kobylańska Valley

This valley is characterized by an extensive grassy bottom that serves as a picnic area for families with children. The southern part of the valley is surrounded by many limestone rocks used for rock climbing. On “Płetwa” (Flipper), “Żabi Koń” (Frog Horse) or “Okręt”(Ship) groups of rock adventure enthusiasts climb at the weekend. Further down, the bottom narrows and the valley takes on a forested character.

Note – this valley is great traversed by bicycle!

Będkowska Valley

The Będkowska Valley is an iconic place among climbers. Its culminating point is the highest rock in the Jura – the 100-meter-high Sokolica, at the foot of which there is a popular hostel and camping site. Slightly higher is the largest waterfall in the Jura – Szum na Będkówce, and off to the side is a path to the “Dupa Słonia” (Elephant’s Bottom) group of rocks popular with climbers.

The upper part of the valley is completely wild, and there is a group of caves, including the Nietoperzowa Cave, which is open to the public.





Startpunkt - Bolechowicka-Tal

Kraków Valleys