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Antiques fair in Bytom

Located in the heart of the industrial part of Upper Silesia, the city of Bytom is famous among antique collectors for its amazing antique fair.

Every month, lovers of stylish trinkets from all over Poland and, more recently, Europe come on the grounds of the Szombierki Bytom football team’s stadium.

Countless antique furniture, paintings, ceramics, toys and books of unknown provenance pile up on the subsequent stands. You will find vinyl records you have missed in your collections and vases you never imagined on your home shelves – until you visit the Bytom fair!

Bytom is a city literally located above old mine shafts. As a result of aggressive exploitation of coal deposits during the communist era, residents struggled for a long time with mining damage – there were times when entire tenements were evacuated for fear of possible collapse. The situation is slowly changing for the better, and in recent years the city has become a center for the development of Silesian culture. Young people have begun to take an interest in the local language, setting up Youtube channels and engaging in writing in Silesian. Literary translations have been produced, and the speech of Silesians, in which Polish, German and Czech influences are concentrated like a lens, is slowly returning to favor in everyday use.

The Bytom Antiques Fair is held every first weekend of the month, on Friday and Saturday from 7 am to 3 pm.


Flohmarkt in Bytom (poln. Bytomski Targ Staroci)

Antiques fair in Bytom