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Great Masurian Lakes

Masuria is commonly referred to as the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes or the Land of a Thousand Lakes.

While the first name surprises no one, the second slightly misrepresents the reality. In fact, in Masuria you can count about 2,600 lakes, which is almost three times more than usual! It might be interesting to know how many days it would take to see them all.

The Great Mazurian Lakes are famous for their countless habitats of rare birds, including the cormorant, great crested grebe, coot, heron, mute swan, black stork, black kite, golden eagle and white-tailed eagle.

Wanderers encounter otter, beaver, pond turtle, moose and many species of bats and colorful dragonflies on their way. A remarkable attraction in late September and early October is the deer rut.

Which Masurian lakes are particularly worth seeing?


For sailors – Lake Śniardwy 

Lake Śniardwy, which is also known as the masurian sea, is Poland’s largest body of water. Its area is 11,000 hectares. However, it is completely different from the depth side, as Lake Śniardwy is a relatively shallow lake.

The average depth is just less than 6 meters, and the greatest depths reach only 23 meters. Until recently, there were as many as eight islands on the surface of the lake, but as a result of rising water levels, only two remain.

There is no denying that by far the biggest attraction in the area is, of course, the possibility of sailing. The reservoir is huge, and this is conducive to exploring it from your own boat.

For ornithologists – Lake Mamry

Located in the north of Masuria, the Lake Mamry complex covers an area of about 10,000 hectares. The area is distinguished by its numerous islands, many of which are sanctuaries for wild birds. There are as many as 33 in total, most of which are off-limits to tourists because they are an ornithological reserve.

Endangered bird species like the cormorant, grebe, and gray heron nest here. Sailing or swimming on the lake, you will see the characteristic stumps of dried-up trees occupied by birds. Why dried out? We answer enigmatically that the reason lies in birds’ physiology…

The largest island on the entire trail of the Masurian lakes is the island of Upałty, located on Lake Mamry, the area of which is 67 hectares. Today the island is a strict reserve, where white-tailed eagles nest.

Another phenomenally beautiful place is the village of Sztynort, which is home to one of the largest yacht marinas in Masuria, as well as a stunning, post-German palace of the von Lehndorff family. You can dock at the port and eat fish at the inn.

For fans of camping – Lake Nidzkie

Nidzkie Lake is one of the wildest large Masurian lakes, lying at the southern end of the trail. This more than 20-kilometer-long arc of water, full of bays and islands, is tucked away in the vast forest complex of the Piska Forest.

The entire body of water is covered by a silence zone – no motorboats can enter or engines can be started in boats. On the shores you will find numerous intimate camp grounds and camping spots perfect for spending a few days under the stars.






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Great Masurian Lakes