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Trail of the Great Masurian Lakes

People sometimes call this land the Masurian Sea, sometimes the Land of a Thousand Lakes. The largest and most popular 13 lakes of Masuria in the section from the towns of Pisz to Węgorzewo are connected by a network of navigable channels. It is a ready-made vacation idea. Nothing but to organize friends, get on a boat and spend a carefree week under sail!

The central part of Masuria forms the Great Masurian Lakes Trail, a waterway made up of bodies of water connected by canals. The trail is 132 kilometers long and crosses more than 20 lakes – including Poland’s largest Lake Śniardwy, the second largest in Poland, Lake Mamry with its sanctuaries of wild birds, the secluded Lake Nidzkie excluded from motorboat traffic, or the vast Lake Niegocin.

Such an extensive string of lakes, allowing all kinds of water tourism, and at the same time so varied, is a phenomenon on a European scale!

Trail of the Great Masurian Lakes – the course 

The Trail of thee Great Masurian Lakes begins on Lake Brzozolasek near the town of Pisz and ends on the Węgorzewo Canal. It runs from north to south, has many branches and intersects with other smaller trails, including canoe trails.

The length of the trail is 132 kilometers (111 kilometers in a straight line). The time to sail the entire length is from about 7 to 10 days. There are many good camping spots on the banks. The route itself is not particularly demanding, but its passage during the season is hindered by the relatively heavy traffic on the lakes.

The peak season on the Trail of the Great Masurian Lakes usually begins in early May and lasts until autumn. However, when planning a trip, be sure to check the weather forecast for the coming days, even in summer.

Trail of the Great Masurian Lakes – how to rent a yacht?

The Internet is full of advertisements for yacht charters in Masuria. Renting a fully equipped yacht for one day can cost from PLN 250 to PLN 1150, depending on the type of yacht and the date. Most boats are able to accommodate 4 to 6 people. Typically, yachts are equipped with sub-deck galleys.

Importantly, the helmsman captain should have the required sailing license. When renting, it is also essential to check whether the yacht is insured.




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Trail of the Great Masurian Lakes